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Who we are: Business philosophy

We are not looking for "projects". We are looking to build long term client relationships. If we can help you grow your business, Thin Cow, Inc. will grow right along with you.

In order to keep production charges at a minimum, Thin Cow, Inc. does not operate as a traditional agency. Our business model is that of a virtual agency. We strive to maintain a contact list of skilled professionals and experienced freelance designers, copywriters, web developers and printers so we can create a production team that is specifically suited to the needs of any given project.

Many agencies can lose sight of your bottom line when they are more concerned about their own ability to pay the rent for office space, meet payroll and cover other business expenses. Thin Cow, Inc. does not retain a full-time staff of employees, nor does it have a corporate office space. This enables us to focus on staying within your advertising budget.

Thin Cow, Inc. was founded in December of 2000 by Jacquelynn Waterman. Prior to launching Thin Cow, Inc., Jacque gained her experience through various positions with Philadelphia area advertising agencies, interactive agencies, and design firms.


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