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If you are a business owner or manager, you know the importance of advertising to attract and retain customers. You also know how expensive it can be to produce sales and marketing materials. You may have tried service providers that charge lower fees, and been disappointed with the results. Have you ever wondered where you could find the professionalism of a top advertising agency that can fit your budget?

There is a solution. You can get the full-service advertising agency your business requires, but with a leaner approach these tough economic times demand.

You may be looking for a new logo, or you may want to establish and grow your brand around a logo you have. You may have done brochures and sales materials in the past, but need an assessment on how it's really working for you, and a well defined strategy for your next phase of new customer acquisition or customer retention. Perhaps you want to leverage social networking sites or other new media initiatives to promote your business.

Whether your target market is business, consumer, or non-profit, Thin Cow has the experience to work efficiently and effectively to implement all your key marketing initiatives. We will control costs by customizing the size of your project team as well as the final deliverable to fit your specific needs.

Thin Cow, Inc. is a specialist in corporate branding, marketing, and advertising and can assist you in defining a solid plan of action that is targeted to your specific goals for business growth.

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